Oh yeah, you read that right. There is a bill (that has moved closer to becoming a law by the way) that would allow doctors to lie to pregnant women. . Well, here's the story.

Earlier this week the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs unanimously passed Senate Bill 25 to the full Senate. Senate Bill 25 would basically give doctors the ability to withhold information from pregnant women.

"It shouldn't be the policy for the state of Texas to excuse doctors from lying to their patients," said Blake Rocap, policy advisor for NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, in his testimony before the committee. "That's what this bill does."

The bill basically gives doctor's the right to not tell their patient if their unborn child has severe disabilities, especially if they believe the woman would have an abortion. Among the many problems with this argument is that this isn't just about abortion.

"Rachel Tiddle, who unknowingly carried a fetus with severe abnormalities, said if she knew her fetus had severe health issues, she would have tried one of many experimental therapies to try and save her baby's life. Instead, she gave birth to a stillborn baby."

So this is where we are now. We're moving bills forward that allow doctors to impose their own moral and religious beliefs to their patients.

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