The Malayan Sun Bear from the China zoo certainly made a lot of headlines!

It all started when a video of a sun bear at the Hangzhou zoo in China went viral after the bear, whose name is Angela BTW, was caught walking on her hind legs and, much to our surprise, looked a little too human like! Check it out below:

It kind of looks like someone wearing a costume, right?

Well, it caused quite the scandal; experts had to weigh in and explain why the bear was on her hind legs. They also explained why the bear's skin sagged in the back; apparently it's to protect the bear from predators because the sun bear is the smallest of all bear species! The controversy was squashed, and while I had my doubts in the beginning, I can now see that Angela is indeed a real bear!

Well, now a bear from the Lone Star state would like to confirm to everyone they he is indeed a real bear! This is Curt from the San Antonio Zoo and he revealed he was real in one simple post:

According to the San Antonio Zoo website, Curt is a spectacled bear- named so for the markings that they usually have around their eyes that make it look like they're wearing spectacles! Spectacled bears are native to South America and he is probably used to the Texas heat we experience.

So, there you have it. Don't try to start a controversy about Curt, because he is a real bear!

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