The 2018 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner! I'm not really into baseball or basketball, soccer, or futbol, is my sweet spot. Yeah, it sucks that USA isn't going to the World Cup, but you know who else isn't going? The Netherlands! Which, if you're a Mexico fan you know that they deserve to not go! #NoEraPenal.

Now, while some of the games may start too early (6 AM!) I know I'll be at work where I can keep up with the score. But, since the 2010 World Cup when I turned 21, I made it a tradition with friends and family to go to a sports bar and watch the game. Now, we all know that the best thing to do is watch the game at home (preferably on Azteca, the Mexican channels are way better at commentary) but I know one of those days I'm gonna want to put on my jersey and head out to a bar and cheer on my team! That's where you come in, where should I go watch the games? Some bars like Brass Monkey at 3233 N. Mesa and  Yvans's Offsides at 2602 N. Piedras St. are opening their doors for the early matches. Other bars like Hiney's and Aviators are places I already go to mainly for the food. But where else can I go? El Paso! I need your help! Take the poll below to vote on where I should spend World Cup summer. But also, drop a comment on what great places in town you like to see the games!

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