Ted Cruz has got to learn that Twitter is not for him. He keeps getting into these weird arguments through Twitter with other people that make me wonder: is he really a grown man arguing with SETH ROGEN on Twitter?

Now, a Tweet from 2020 is coming back to haunt Cruz as millions of Texans are left without electricity due to this winter storm. All of us in El Paso are not really hit as hard as some of our friends in Austin or Fort Worth. Many Texans are going on hours without electricity thanks in part to The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)- you can find out all about why ERCOT's rolling blackouts don't affect El Paso by clicking here.

Before we go any further on the winter storm that is devastating many Texans, let's go back to August 2020, when California was in the midst of wildfires and extreme heat waves. California Governor Newsom let his citizens know that they needed to conserve energy and instructed them on how to do so; to which our Senator sent a snarky remark about it:

Well, this Tweet did not age well.

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After Sunday's snow storm, and the rolling blackouts began, many began criticizing Cruz for mocking California when Texas was now seeing itself in a similar situation. Many also wanted an answer from Cruz.

It took a few days, but Cruz finally responded by retweeting an article from The Hill.

His Tweet received mixed responses from Twitter users, but mostly calls for action- to vote Cruz out and to get to work so that when another storm like this hits, we're ready for it. Until then, my Texan friends, do indeed stay safe and seek out help if you need it.


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