How anyone can possibly defend Ted Cruz at this point is a mystery to me. Of course, more often than not, a "defense" of Ted Cruz doesn't actually have anything to do with Ted Cruz.

It has to do with pointing the finger somewhere else.

I've seen multiple people claiming "What could Ted Cruz have done? What was he going to do, change the weather?

Magically get the power back on himself? Have you seen what Andrew Cuomo did?"

That final statement is the nail in the coffin of any sort of reasonable conversation. Whoever makes these claims doesn't care about what Ted Cruz did, they just need to defend their "team".

We can also talk about Andrew Cuomo, but let's stay focused on one story at a time. Let's focus on just what Ted Cruz could have done. First off, doing nothing would have been better than bailing on the state he apparently loves.

Seriously, just staying at home would have been better. But other leaders are proving they are actually that. LEADERS. You might not agree with her politics but AOC has at least stepped up in a time of crisis. She has raised over $2 million for the state of Texas.

Yeah, the congresswoman from NEW YORK has raised a ton of money and is also going to be volunteering in Houston at a food bank. What about someone from Texas? Beto O'Rourke stepped up big by sharing the ActBlue donation campaign on social media, and also phoning senior citizens throughout the state to check-in and get them the services they needed during this crisis.

So yes, there was something Cruz could do, but still, even nothing would have been better than bailing and then continuing to lie about why he left.

Cruz has become a political joke and a Trump cuck. Remember when Trump made fun of his wife and Cruz called him out for that? Remember when Cruz wouldn't fully endorse Trump at the RNC? That was the last time I had a shred of respect for Cruz.

So please, continue to defend him. It only proves you don't care about the actual point. You only care about defending your "team".


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