Another reason to tell your S.O. that you'd go out to watch a good action flick. You may remember that great scene from The Nutty Professor with Eddie Murphy, where he's sitting on the couch depressed watching tv, shoving almost every food item he has near him into his mouth. He's watching a woman pour her heart out to Richard Simmons, telling the sad story how she was asked out as a joke. The sad story can resonate with people, and it surely does with Professor Klump. It isn't the professor's fault that he felt the urge to start munching away. It's similar to watching a sad movie, which gives many the desire to start eating every bad food around them.

A new study by researchers at Cornell University found that people watching a sad movie experience a state of emotional eating. Movies that give people feelings of depression, stress and sadness also crave foods that are full of sugar, fat and salt. That's why while you're getting a good cry in, you're also reaching for the nearest bag of popcorn or cookies. And probably more than that. This is why scientists also believe obesity can be related to depression. For the study, they had participants watch a sad movie and a romantic comedy. They found that people who watched the sad flick ended up eating 28% more popcorn than the others. So next time you are watching a sad movie, just make sure you watch how much popcorn you eat. It'll be better in the end for your waistline.

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