Taylor Momsen once again shows she's not only a talented actress and rocker, she can also sing the heck out of an Oasis song. Check out her cover of one of my favorite songs, "Wonderwall."


Taylor Momsen's rock band The Pretty Reckless have been blowing up big time this year, and we are celebrating their success by bring them to Balloonfest this year. Not only is Taylor a smoking hot lead singer, she also has the pipes to back it up. It's not easy to make the transition over form actress to musician, and it is even harder for people to see you as a genuine musician in the rock community. Lucky for her, her single, "Heaven Knows" hit number one on the active rock chart and The Pretty Reckless was able to show they are more than just a band with a pretty face.

Here is a cover of Oasis and their hit "Wonderwall" that Taylor and The Pretty Reckless did a few years ago.

If you want to go to Balloonfest and see The Pretty Reckless tickets are still available and you can check out the tickets and pricing here.