One of the coolest things about Oreos is that they're always dropping new flavors and types, even if they don't stick around for long.

Some examples of crazy Oreo flavors through the years are Golden Oreo, Mint Oreo, Peanut Butter Oreo, Birthday Cake Oreo, Red Velvet Oreo, Lemon Oreo, Cinnamon Bun Oreo...

And guess what? This summer, two old favorites are making a comeback, and fans are going crazy.

After a whopping eight years, the summer-themed Cotton Candy Oreos are back in action. These bad boys have a creamy pink and blue cotton candy filling sandwiched between two Golden Oreo cookies. Oreo teased us on Instagram this week, saying, "You kept asking... over and over and over again. We heard you!" And then bam! They confirmed it with a post, showing off the Cotton Candy packaging.

Back in 2015, those cookies were accompanied by another special edition flavor called S'mores Oreos. And guess what? THOSE ARE MAKING A COMEBACK, TOO! This time with the name they should've had all along: S'mOreo. These beauties have graham-flavored cookies with layers of chocolate and marshmallow creme filling.

The newly named S'mOreo cookies, which were last seen in retailers two years ago, returned in May of this year and will stick around while supplies last.

The good news is both are available to buy in stores as of TODAY! Remember, they're only here for a limited time. So don't sleep on it!

Here are some fun facts about Oreos:

  1. Oreos are over a century old. The first Oreo cookie was introduced by the National Biscuit Company (now known as Nabisco) in 1912, making them more than 100 years old.
  2. They were inspired by a cookie called "Hydrox". Hydrox cookies, introduced in 1908, were the original chocolate sandwich cookies. Oreos were created as a competitor to Hydrox and eventually became more popular.
  3. Some theories suggest that the name "Oreo" was derived from the French word "Or," meaning gold (referring to the original packaging ~ which was gold), while others believe it was a combination of the words "cream" and "chocolate." An official explanation has not been provided.
  4. Oreos are the best-selling cookies in the United States, with billions of cookies sold each year.
  5. Different countries have unique Oreo flavors, too. Oreo has created numerous country-specific flavors to cater to regional tastes, such as Green Tea Oreos in China, Mango Oreos in India, and Matcha Oreos in Japan.
  6. Oreos have been to space! In 1984, astronauts took packs of Oreos aboard the Space Shuttle as a special treat during their mission.
  7. The Oreo design has evolved over time. Initially, it had a wreath-shaped design on each side. It was eventually changed to the iconic "Crossed Lattice" design in 1952.
  8. In 2009, Oreo achieved a Guinness World Record for receiving the most "likes" on a Facebook post within 24 hours, with over 115,000 likes.

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