The summer is almost over and I like to keep some color over the winter to look good. I heard guys dig chicks with tan lines, whether it be on top, on the bum or even BOTH.  I prefer my tan lines to be on top because when you expose the nips, they get dark and I prefer mine light compared to my skin dark. But if you prefer to tan bottom-less as I do, there is that ONE SPOT that just won't tan as many days as you tan it just won't! I never noticed until a friend of mine mentioned it to me till one day I saw for myself. After closing at Aruba Tan I decided to tan and see if it is true that many women have that tanning-less spot. After I finished tanning I quickly went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, sure enough right above bums crack there was this circular lighter shade of skin.

I closed up that night, went home and gave it a few hours thinking it would be gone. Checked AGAIN in the mirror and nope that little white tan stamp still there above my bum crack! After that spot still being there, I had to get down to business and do some research. I questioned my other boss and his son who are the owners of Aruba Tan here in El Paso and in Austin to find out I along with some friends Catherine and Ebony were not the only weirdos with an un-tanned spot above the bum!

Basically as Paul and Zach Medlin explained is you need UV light exposure and oxygen in order to tan. How I tan is I lay on my back and don't turn over which blood carries oxygen which there is pressure above our bums, thus no blood flow? So blood carrying oxygen but with no blood, no oxygen, equals NO TAN. This all due to your body weight cutting off the blood supply while laying on your back to tan. So ladies if you don't want that bunny tail, butterfly effect WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL IT, be sure to rotate every so often to tan EVENLY.