Nostradumbass 11-14-2013
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The Great Nostradumbass 10/28/2013
Answer: A Meth-addicted hooker and the KLAQ Haunted House.
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(AUDIO) The Great Nostradumbass
Time once again to be astounded by the mystic and uncanny powers of that seer of seers, that wise sage who has traveled from afar, the all-knowing one, the Great Nostradumbass.
The Answer: Amanda Bynes and The Man with the 132 lb. Scrotum
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(AUDIO) The Great Nostradumbass
Once again, the all-seeing mystic sage visits to astound us with his uncanny powers of precognition.
The Answer: Pac-man and Alex Rodriguez
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(AUDIO) The Great Nostradumbass
Prepare once again to be amazed and astounded by the uncanny powers of precognition of El Paso's great seer of seers, the wise and mystic sage, the Great Nostradumbass!
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