AUDIO: Torturing Telemarketers
Today's Torturing Telemaketers  is a classic.
Listen as the poor telemarketer in India someplace trying to explain why he can't meet up and have sex with John's elderly wife on St. Patrick's Day!
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AUDIO: Ozzy the Great and Powerful!
It looks like this new adaptation of the works of Frank L. Baum is going to be kind of a big deal. Oz, The Great And Powerful opens in El Paso theaters today at 9 p.m.
For a slightly different take on this timeless fantasy classic click on the jump link, below to hear Ozzy, The Great and Powerful...
(AUDIO) The Great Nostradumbass
Here's another visit from that wise and mystic traveler from afar. He's here once again to astound us with his uncanny powers of precognition.
Click on the link to hear the audio from this week's visit from...
...the Great Nostradumbass!
(AUDIO)Good News/Bad News of the Week
Once again, we examine the news of the week and look at select stories from more than one perspective. We look at the positive as well as the negative side of each of our stories. The Yin and the Yang. The Dark Cloud as well as the Silver Lining.
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