major league soccer

Last nights game Chivas vs Cruzeiro at the Sun Bowl. Rocked. I had a blast and found out something cool about soccer plus there was some celebrity sightings. I think this might be the coolest thing people do at major league games. Check out the video!
GOOOOAAAALLLLL! NFL Would Score With Soccer Crossovers
I would buy one of these shirts. Maybe downtown when it gets ripped off in a Mexican sweatshop, but I would buy one of these shirts.

Problem is, right now they're not real. They're a product of the imagination of a design student named Jimmy Nutini, who would probably be sued into homelessn…
Arrested Development
"The Patriots have been close. So close there were rumors MLS Commissioner Don Garber had communicated with Enrique Cervantes. If El Paso minds its P's and Q's, maybe someday...That was a few years back, the P's and Q's since lost in alphabet soup for an organization that ha…