El Paso motorcyclists, your input is needed.

*TxDOT Focus Group Member Volunteers Wanted in El Paso*:
As part of a grant with the Texas Department of Transportation, my research agency is looking into how to encourage people to get their motorcycle endorsement. We are looking for riders (licensed or not) in Austin, Dallas, and El Paso. We are trying to get a diverse group and are limiting it to 15 people. Participants will be selected to be as diverse as possible (different ages, genders, motorcycles, experience). The only requirement is you must live in one of those cities and must ride a motorcycle on public streets. If you live in one of those three areas and would like to volunteer, please comment or send me a PM.  The El Paso focus group will be June 5th at 6pm.

I filled it out myself and it only took a couple of minutes, you can take it here!


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