This week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced he would be allowing all businesses to operate at 100% capacity and would be lifting the mandatory mask mandate in Texas.

Since then, there has been a little confusion as to where you would still be required to wear a mask and where you can breathe in that fresh, raw air maskless. There are several places you need to still wear a mask per the CDC and President Joe Biden. There have also been local places that have come forward to announce they will be enforcing the mask mandates per the CDC guidelines.

Federal Buildings

There is still an executive order issued by President Joe Biden requiring masks be worn by anyone inside a federal building or while on federal land. All Federal employees, contractors, and visitors must wear masks, maintain social distance, and follow the CDC guidelines.

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Public Transportation

The El Paso International Airport announced this week that they will still be requiring masks while on airport property, inside the airport, and while on flights per federal guidelines:


The Texas Education Agency updated its Public Health guidance allowing public school districts to continue with their current COVID-19 safety practices, including the use of masks. EPISD has already stated they will require all students, staff, and visitors to wear face masks while on school and district property.

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While the Texas rules have changed, the El Paso Catholic Diocese announced on Facebook they would still be enforcing social distancing rules, requiring masks, and limiting capacity.

Bishop Mark J. Seitz’s Statement on the Removal of State Mandates in Regards Mask Wearing and Limited Occupancy


Posted by Diocese of El Paso on Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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Certain Businesses

Even though the mask mandate has been lifted in the state, Governor Abbott did note that individual businesses can make their own decisions on whether or not they will allow customers inside without their masks on. Several large stores like Target, Costco, Sams CluibWhole Foods, Walmart, Sprouts have all announced they will be enforcing the mask mandate according to KXAN News. Local businesses have also released statements announcing they would still be enforcing the CDC guidelines and require masks while inside. Some of those locations include Deadbeach Brewery, Elemi Restaurant, Mesa Street Grill, Entrecote & Co, Dapper Ink Tattoo, and more.

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