Horror fans from all around the world will be flocking to Texas because the gas station from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is turning into a horror themed BBQ resort.

It's based off the hit movie called the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a film about a group of friends that end up getting murdered by a family of flesh eating cannibals. Located in Bastrop, Texas, the gas station is the place where the teens stopped to refuel but then they figured out the pumps didn't work.

The restaurant will be called 'We Slaughter Barbecue' and is expected to be open by mid-July. Owner Roy Rose spoke to KXAN-TV about the project  and said thecabins are currently being built behind the gas station to allow visitors to stay the night and watch the horror flick.

If you would like to book a night at the gas station you can call 512-321-SAWS or visit them on Facebook.

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