By analyzing IQs, 2015 SAT and ACT scores and the percentage of college graduates, the Washington Post has ranked all 50 states by intelligence — from the smartest to the, well, not so smartest.

How does Texas rank on the intelligence scale according to this list? Well, Texas, we didn't do well, so obviously this entire list is BS.

According to the list, Texas comes in at 39th place, making it the 12th dumbest state, with New Mexico trailing directly behind at 40th smartest; 11th dumbest. We cry foul. Check out the most and least intelligent states, according to The Washington Post, below:

Dumbest States (from dumbest to least dumb)

  1. Hawaii
  2. Nevada
  3. Mississippi
  4. Alabama
  5. Florida
  6. South Carolina
  7. West Virginia
  8. Louisiana
  9. North Carolina
  10. Arizona

Smartest States (starting with smartest)

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Minnesota
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Connecticut
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Kansas
  7. Vermont
  8. Iowa
  9. New Jersey
  10. Colorado

To see the full ranking, visit The Washington Post.

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