Last weekend we finally kicked off the first day of Spring. Granted our weather has been a little off here and there but overall nice. Since the weather is getting warmer means it is the perfect time to start planting.

Now a lot of people tend to kill their plants faster than managing to keep them alive. But practice makes perfect and what better time than now to try again especially when it's free. Since spring has sprung the home improvement headquarters Lowe's is wanting to make it a spring to remember.

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If you and your family are wanting to try a new family activity then gardening should be one. Plus, there's even a Facebook group to assist you with helping your plant grown and stay alive. For example, that one commercial you've seen lately of a man who learns about singing to his plants to help them.

So families can enjoy some quality time together with some goodies Lowe's will be giving away. Beginning on April 8, families can scoop up their free garden-to-go kits at Lowe's. But this isn't just a whenever deal, the only time you can score your free garden kit will be every Thursday.

This "SpringFest" will only be a month-long during April. If you and your family would be interested in trying a new project at your sanctuary aka home pick up your free garden-to-go kit. If you want to pick up a free garden-to-go kit you must register on April 1 at

The first curbside event will begin on April 8 and take place every Thursday for just the month of April. If you would like more details about this fun family project you can get more information by clicking here. Below are a list of dates and what each kit will include.

April 8- Garden-to-go kit sponsored by Miracle-Gro with exclusive recipes from professional cook and food stylist Amanda Frederickson.

April 15- Lowe's Mystery Garden Pinata with mystery seed packets.

April 22- 500,000 tree saplings given out on Earth Day.

April 29- Lowe's Butterfly Quest helps families create a butterfly garden.

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