A rumor about Spirit Halloween stores has caused panicked amongst Halloween fanatics.  On social media, a fake letter about the company deciding to sit out on setting up in empty stores this year went viral.

Obviously, as more and more stores close down during the COVID-19 pandemic, this year is ideal for Spirit Stores to pop up everywhere.

Now, at this time, Spirit Halloween had not confirmed this information to be true. Yet, social media users continued to share it because that is what the internet does to people.

I had my doubts about that letter because if massage parlors can manage to re-open so can Spirit Halloween Stores.

Earlier this morning, Spirit Halloween finally addressed the rumor on their social media pages. They shared a hilarious picture with a long heartfelt message confirming the rumors aren't true. Spirit Halloween's account also mentioned their plan on opening up their stores nationwide this August.

Some friends of mine who normally shop at Spirit for Halloween gear were freaking out. They were already making plans on hitting up Hobby Lobby to get started on making their costume, but now they can put their fears to rest as Spirit Halloween has officially announced their 2020 return.

In fact, Spirit wants to keep the Halloween spirit alive and hopes to make this the best Halloween ever. To celebrate, feel free to go down memory lane with Shrimpanzee 915 and his tour of a Spirit store he shopped in years ago.

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