Speaking Rock Entertainment Center, has truly outdone themselves this time by inviting Hollywood glam rocker's, Faster Pussycat this Monday, July 3rd. This going be loud, rude, and awesome!!

That's right the "Kings of Sleaze Rock", are in town and you can smell the filth from the L.A. band wherever you are! Started by vocalist, Taime Downe has kept the image and lifestyle throughout the years. Their fast pace to the top started in 1985-1993. Along with many bands they have had a plethora of line-up changes but you can't stop rock n' roll! I guess this band of pussycats have more than nine lives!!

So come on out and relive the golden age of sleaze rock with L.A. rocker's Faster Pussycat Doors open at 7pm! See you there!!

  • Speaking Rock Entertainment Center
  • 122 South Old Pueblo Road
  • El Paso, Texas 79907

Below is a video for their hit "House of Pain". Sure to be played at tonight's big show of the ultimate in sleazy rock, not to be missed!!

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