The "I don't have time" and "I don't want to" excuses for not mowing your lawn are officially gone.

Honda has come out with a new lawn mower that will keep your lawn looking great and your adrenaline up.

It's sporty and it spits flames so you'll actually enjoy the chore.

It has a top speed of 130mph so you'll save LOTS of time.

Its handling is AMAZING!

The gas mileage is even awesome, 40 mpg!!  Remarkable for something with 532 hp per ton. it also has a 6 speed paddle shift gearbox, a custom Cobra racing seat, a race car steering wheel and a Scorpion exhaust for that "everyone in town knows you're mowing" roar!!

As big as my yard is, I bet I can actually get close to redlining this sucker!!  I'd damn sure be trying anyway!!  :)

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