Soundgarden have officially completed recording their first album since ‘Down on the Upside,’ and according to frontman Chris Cornell, the disc will see the light of day in October.

Fans have waited for Soundgarden’s sixth full-length album for nearly sixteen years. When the band first announced plans for recording a new album, most believed that they would already have owned it by now. The disc was first projected for a 2011 release but was then pushed to spring 2012 and eventually was assigned a tentative late 2012 date.

The band wisely gave fans a long-awaited taste of their new material with ‘Live to Rise,’ a song they recorded for the Marvel film ‘The Avengers.’ Despite the track being penned more recently than the rest of their new songs, Cornell says it differs greatly from those. “Soundgarden does a lot of time signature changes and shifts and things like that,” Cornell tells Rolling Stone. “It felt like ['Live to Rise'] should be a little more straightforward ’cause it’s for a broad audience.”

Cornell has previously expressed how much the band enjoys being able to record on their own schedule — as oppose to a record label’s — a process which has now come to an end. “It’s done. It’ll be out in probably October,” he says of the new album. “I would say September but I’m just guessing October. We’re pretty much done with everything.”

The band recently dropped in on KROQ’s Weenie Roast for a surprise seven-song set, which included the first ever live performance of  ‘Live to Rise.’ Soundgarden will play a scattered selection of dates this year, beginning with their May 25 appearance at the Sonisphere Festival in Madrid, Spain.