If someone stole your significant other or were the cause of your breakup, you can sue them!

If you live in New Mexico that is ... sorry Texans.

A handful of states, (Including Mississippi, South Dakota and New Mexico), along with the territory of Puerto Rico allow lawsuits based on "Alienation Of Affection".  (AOA) Isn't it sad that, given the state of things in this country today, I didn't even bother to fact check this right off?  I did, of course, but I already had this pretty much written well before doing so.  :/

This really applies to divorces so, other relationships may not qualify. In today's "sue-happy" society though, who knows?  Give it a shot, you may set a new precedent!

According to KHOU, proving AOA is way easy.

"There's going to be a point when that stops, the lovey dovey, 'Love you, babe.' And, if you can track that and say OK, well the reason it became more distant is because of this person here, that helps establish a case for Alienation of Affection." - KHOU.com

SMDH ... Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Except for all you homewreckers...see you sumbitches in court!!

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