Lots of people who don't normal drink on St. Patrick's Day, end up drinking a lot on St. Patrick's Day. That's why I don't usually go out anymore because it tends to not be worth it. But if you choose to go out and want to prevent that dreaded hangover, here are some tricks courtesy of Cosmo to prevent it.

  • It's good to have at least a glass of water in between drinks to stay hydrated. But if you're really looking to prevent a hangover, drink coconut water or Gatorade.
  • Be sure to take vitamins. A hangover is basically dehydration. Antioxidants can help with this.
  • When you are ordering dinner tonight, choose a burger instead of a salad. The severity of the hangover has to do with how you metabolize alcohol. And that is related to what you've had to eat. Have a meal high in carbs, protein and fat before you go out drinking. Red meat is a good choice because it has a high concentration of amino acids and vitamin B, which help you metabolize alcohol.
  • Stick with clear liquor. I was in on the other methods up until this one. Sorry, St. Patrick's Day is for whiskey and Guinness. But, if you are okay with drinking vodka, do it. Clear liquors have fewer impurities and toxins than whiskey or rum.