Lately, you have been hearing about further places having really cold weather and snow in Northeast of America. It's unfortunate for us who won't be seeing any snow will not be able to show our creative side.

The different collection of pictures and videos show how some have a deep kind of love for snow. Just Me squeezed in a bunch of photos and videos together to show you the people who actually get amped for snow. You have the people that let their artistic side blossom from within on to the snow. Then you have those kooks that go nuts for snow that will play outside in it wearing practically nothing! In my opinion I believe El Paso has a love hate relationship with snow when we actually do get it. If we got a large amount of snow in El Paso I know I would want to build a Baymax from Big Hero 6 with my son.

You will see how snow can make people do crazy things sometimes in the compilation above!

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