If you follow Slash on Instagram, then... well we probably don't even have to tell you, but you've probably experienced a moment of panic if you were ever scrolling in public and one of his posts came up. The guitarist admitted that he actually does pretty much all of the posting himself.

Well, that's a relief.

Slash posts pretty frequently on his Instagram page, and you'll find a variety of media. Yesterday, he shared a photo of his partner Meegan Hodges for Valentine's Day with a nice heartfelt caption, and there are a couple of promo videos he's shared recently in support of his latest album with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, 4

However, on a normal day, you'll find some pretty bizarre posts on his page, including graphic animations, horror-themed content and birthday posts for fellow rockers. During a chat with iHeart Radio, he explained the mystery behind his social media strategy.

"I do all my own Instagram stuff, except for, there's certain things that have to do with, like, merchandise that's for sale, and an office does that. But I do all the other stuff," the guitar legend said. "And the majority of stuff that I find, if you notice, I just re-post other peoples' shit. Because I don't have time... you can spend countless hours going down the rabbit hole, finding images online in general."

Slash added that he follows a lot of "interesting people," and he'll often like a post as a way of bookmarking it so that he can pull it from the archives on any given day to post it himself.

"It's me, I physically do it. I couldn't imagine anybody having to do that shit for me," he concluded.

Yeah, we can't either. Check out the interview clip and see some examples of what we're talking about below. He's worth following, that's for sure, but make sure you have your screen dimmed while you're going through your timeline if you're around people you wouldn't want to see... certain things... showing up on your screen. They might wonder. One commenter wrote on one of his recent photos, "Can we get Slash's mom to take his phone away."

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Instagram - Slash
Instagram - Slash





Instagram - Slash
Instagram - Slash


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