Granted ... for Zombie ... this isn't exactly news but this time, he's filming himself!

Rob Zombie is known for over the top performances featuring pyro, fire, monsters, creepy characters and more.  However, he's never released a proper, produced and edited entire show on dvd so, (finally!!!!) that will be his next endeavor.  He's made enough movies featuring others, now it's his turn!

Rob says:

This is big news. I haven't talked about this.” “30 years, Rob Zombie, White Zombie – never done a live DVD. We're doing one this year. The show's so big. It can't get much bigger, so I'm like, 'We better record this!'"

For now, we can make do with Robs set from opening night of the Mayhem Tour!

Taking a cue from his buddy Rob, Shawn "Clown" Crahan of Slipknot is going to direct a movie!  According to Clown, "Officer Downe" (written by comic author Joe Casey) is about:

the "perfect cop" who gets reanimated by his masters every time he's killed in the line of duty.

Clown has directed many Slipknot videos so this should be awesome!!  He also says we can expect a new Slipknot disc in 2014 and adds;

Get ready kids – this one's going to be dangerous. You want it, I want it more."!!

Hear more from Clown here.  (Careful though, the vid is NSFW!!)

Not to be outdone, Slash enters celluloid country with "Nothing Left To Fear".  It's the first film he's produced via his company "Slasher Films" and he's also doing the soundtrack. Regarding the soundtrack, Slash says:

"It's been equally intriguing for me to be involved with producing, writing and performing the music in Nothing Left To Fear.

"Film scoring prompts me to engage different styles of writing and guitar playing that don't always present themselves when I make Rock n Roll records."

The film is directed by Anthony Leonardi III and written by Jonathon W. C. Mills. Slash adds:

"As a longtime fan of the horror genre, I want to produce films that are in an older tradition of the genre."

Rockers and horror movies ... They go so well with each other!!