Rock ‘n’ roll has acquired a lot of wild mysteries and legends over the years, but during his recent appearance on Australia’s Triple M radio, Slash was forced to address what might be one of the all-time wackiest: the rumor that he once French-kissed a giraffe.

In the studio to promote ‘You’re a Lie,’ the leadoff single from his upcoming ‘Apocalyptic Love’ album, Slash spent most of his visit talking about the new music and reliving Guns N’ Roses‘ glory days by discussing a famous Sydney gig from the ’90s. But the highlight of the show came when the hosts asked Slash about his infamous tête-à-tête with a furry longneck.

“It wasn’t my call,” explained a laughing Slash. “I was in Africa and they have this one sort of viewing station that you go up on top of, which is at eye level with the giraffes. Someone said ‘Just give him this carrot — put it in your mouth and he can take it.’ But I didn’t know he was going to stick his tongue down my throat in the process.”

Asked to comment on the size of a giraffe’s tongue, Slash quipped, “It would be like the equivalent of kissing Gene Simmons.”

Watch a pair of clips from Slash’s Triple M radio interview below:

Slash Relives His Makeout Session With a Giraffe

Slash Talks About His New Album