Skillet have a very busy couple of months ahead. Their upcoming tenth studio album, Victoriousis due for release Aug. 2, they head out on the road shortly after and their first graphic novel Eden will be out Aug. 27. Frontman John Cooper recently spoke with Loudwire Nights about their upcoming endeavors and what attracts him to other bands.

Cooper discusses what he gravitates toward when he listens to other artists, expressing his admiration for bands like Sevendust and Alter Bridge, whom they will be touring with later this year.

"In terms of the band's lyrics - I don't have to agree with anybody's philosophy of life or what they sing about," he explains. "That stuff doesn't bother me at all because to me, it's just about great music. There's lots of great music that I love that if I really get down to it, I'm like 'Yeah, I don't agree with those lyrics.'"

"I guess Marilyn Manson comes to mind," the frontman laughs. "I love Marilyn Manson, he sings a lot of things that I'm like, 'Yeah, I'm probably not into that.'"

He continues, "To me, great music is about authenticity, and it's about singing something you believe. If I'm listening to someone saying something they believe, I usually don't really care what it is."

Skillet are considered a Christian Rock band based on their lyrical content, but Cooper admits the band's music doesn't fit in with Christian contemporary music. A few of their ballads had crossed over onto Christian radio stations in the past, but he feels they generally fit in more with other rock and metal bands.

To hear more about the band's upcoming album Victorious and their graphic novel Eden, listen to the full interview above. Check out their upcoming tour dates here.

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