So, there was this big prostitution bust yesterday in El Paso.......

By big, don't get the idea that hundreds of prostitutes were busted or that a significant dent has been put in the El Chuco red light district. An online "escort service" got caught and a handful of people went to jail.

All the effort that went into this only netted 9 people and two of them were just the organizers.  (Lauren posted the mugshots earlier ... check 'em out at!)  These people were not out on the streets bothering people, embarrassing the public or "working" in front of kids or anything like that.


According to the affidavits, it was an online dating service where people called and someone was dispatched to them. Privately and covertly.

Their methods having been explained, here's todays question/argument starter; should prostitution be legal in El Paso?

There are other countries where it is legal and even a few spots in here in America where it has been legalized.  None of these places seem to have any more problems with it being legal than with it being illegal so, what do you think??