Actor Matthew McConaughey is a beloved Texan who many people like and admire...but would you want him as the state's governor? Long ago, the idea of a celebrity running for office was laughable, then Ronald Reagan proved us wrong. Since then, we've seen a string of celebrities run for office and become successful politicians. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Governor of California, Jesse Ventura was the Governor of Minnesota, and our current President is a former reality television star. So it's not out of the question to think an Academy Award-winning actor could be the next Governor of Texas.

According to Forbes, Matthew McConaughey discussed the idea this week while he was a guest on the Hugh Hewitt radio show. Hewitt explained how he thinks McConaughey is "center-right in the view of people" and flat out asks him if would ever run for office. McConaughey answers saying he didn't know but that it would be up to the people and not him. The actor said he thinks politics is a broken business at the moment and when it finally "redefines its purpose" he would be more interested.

Matthew McConaughey is a fairly well-liked person and a devout Texan who loves his home state so it isn't out of the question to imagine him being able to sway voters in his favor. Whether or not he would be able to successfully lead the state is another question. Only time will tell if we ever see McConaughey's name on the ballot, but it's safe to say if he ever did, there are plenty of people who would be voting for him. Hear more of what McConaughey had to say during the interview in the video above. It will start when they are discussing his potential political aspirations.

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