Netflix has at least 52 new movies coming your way in 2021, promising to premiere at least one a week all year long.

The streaming service Netflix helped us all maintain our sanity during the 2020 lockdown and, as we roll into 2021, they promise to keep their wide variety of entertainment coming. Netflix has always offered us new movies, all the time but, in 2021, they have sworn to bring us new movies, of every type and style, every week.

They have just released the entire list of upcoming releases which is something they have never done before. You can view the complete list of movies here but, a few of the movies and genres you can look forward to "Netflix-in' and chillin'" with this year are:

Those are just a few of the movies that you will be able to enjoy throughout 2021 on Netflix. You can see the full list of upcoming movie releases here and learn more about all that the streaming service has to offer you here.

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