Many El Paso businesses have been cited and/or warned for not following health and safety guidelines. Should we be told they are?

The El Paso Times reported that, since early May, a dozen businesses have been cited for noncompliance with health orders and hundreds of others have been warned. These directives include mandating the use of masks, limiting occupancy levels, and enforcing social distancing policies among other things. Businesses found in violation of these orders can be cited or warned and will now also be identified on the city's coronavirus website.  Some businesses are, apparently, avoiding the citations by not letting city inspectors in at all.

Some say this practice could potentially damage the businesses' reputation and their ability to conduct business in the future while another argument is that citations are really just "accusations" and until found guilty in a court of law, the businesses haven't done anything wrong. A line of thought that does not seem to apply when posting mug shots of people accused of certain crimes like DWI's. They haven't been convicted yet but, their names and mug shots are made public.

The DWI angle along with the fact that restaurant health inspection results are routinely made public despite the potential for creating a "stigma" about the establishment are a couple of reasons in favor of ID'ing these businesses. Not to mention our basic right to know who is being safe and who isn't. The proposal calls for identifying businesses linked to COVID-19 "clusters" with a "cluster" being two or more confirmed COVID-19 cases.

I agree that these businesses should be identified. What do you think?

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