Shim at Star City Studios

We had an amazing time with Shim, former lead singer of Sick Puppies. He loves El Paso so much, he decided to perform a special concert at Star City Studios. After the performance, Shim spent some time taking photos with fans, before having lunch with them and some kLAQ staff.

We also learned he is probably the best storyteller you will ever meet. He told everyone over some delicious Angry Owl food, multiple personal stories that were so intriguing, we want to start writing a screenplay about his life. I have a feeling Netflix might pick up a pilot show if we did.

Shim performed four songs for fans including a very special edition of the Sick Puppies classic, 'Odd One.' His personal version of the song included an emotional story of him performing the song to a fan who was in a coma. During the acoustic hospital performance, Shim shared the roller coaster of emotions that came with changing the song and creating a moment with a fan he will never forget.

We will ever forget how amazing Shim was performing for us and the kindness he showed each fan interaction. Hopefully, we will be seeing him back in El Paso soon.

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