The theatrically brilliant band Ghost will be rocking El Paso at the Abraham Chavez Theatre, November 9th. What better way to celebrate their arrival than with "ghost face" selfies. We are giving you a chance to win second-row tickets to the performance and a special meet & greet with the band.

Ghost Press

You’re likely to see a few ghosts around El Paso the next few days as our city celebrates Dia de los Muertos and honors our dead with various festivals and many lively celebrations. Dia de Todos los Santos, All Saints Day, on Nov. 1, will honor the saints. Then Los Fiedles Difuntos, All Souls Day, on Nov. 2, will remember the dead.


Just take a selfie of you with your best “ghost face” and submit it through the FREE KLAQ App by the end of the weekend. This is only open to subscribers of the KLAQ App, limited to 1 entry per person. If you have friends or other family members who want to be a part of your celebration, they will need to download the free KLAQ Mobile App and submit their picture on their own, to be eligible to win.

We will randomly select one photo from all qualified entries and they will win second-row tickets AND will go backstage to get their picture taken with Ghost. It can be elaborate, or simple, just as long as it’s YOU in whatever makeup you slap on these two special days with great El Paso cultural significance.

Here is how to enter:

1. Download the KLAQ APP

2. Tap three-line menu, to locate the Submit Photo/Video Tab

3. Fill out the form & upload your photo


4. Submit the Media

Once this is all done, you have officially entered the contest and now must play the waiting game. We can't wait to see everyone's best war paint!


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