We hear how great flying used to be back in the day and judging by this commercial, we can see why Southwest has always been a favorite airline. Southwest Airlines has a sort of cult following by its passengers and people who have flown the airline can usually see why. You're able to check two bags for free and still have a carryon, plus open seating and low fares. Not to mention they have great customer service.

A new article by Thrillist looked at all the possible reasons the airline has continued to have such a great track record with customers and it's something that has been seen since their early beginnings in the late 1960s. The airline has always gone to the beat of its own drum, touting their low fares from the getgo. While looking at the history of the airline, Thrillest also saw a shocking uniform choice for the airline in the beginning too. Not too many airlines were happy to see their flight attendants strutting down the runway in hot pants and miniskirts but Southwest was! This is an outfit I'd love to bring back, even if it is just for my Halloween costume. Hey Southwest, where can I get one of these vintage ensembles? Check out the short commercial above to see exactly what I'm talking about.

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