Halloween season is approaching so, let's start looking for haunted places to visit!

We'll start in Las Cruces, where ghost tours of the Dona Ana County Courthouse are being offered Fridays and Saturdays through October 26th. Backhandent.com says:

We are escorting groups of 15 through the Grand old Lady to experience first hand, the areas in the building that paranormal investigators have documented paranormal activity. Your guides will lead you through the dark corridors of the 1937 courthouse and haunted jail. The guides will replay some of the audio they have captured in the different "hot spots" throughout the 37,000 square foot, 3 story building and jail annex.

The website also says ... or, warns, I guess ... that you may experience:

... doors closing and opening, fulll body apparitions, shadow people, orbs, voices and footsteps and even a little girls voice asking "Can anybody see me?"

For more info, click here or call (800) 548-1632. For tickets, click here.

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