Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain died in April of 1994, but 22 years later there are still questions and fascination by some about his death. Seattle Police have released new photographs on the singer's shotgun which the King County Medical Examiner's Office ruled that he used when he committed suicide.

The photos of the gun were taken recently with Det. Michael Ciesynski holding the weapon. Ciesynski is the current detective of record in the case. According to CBS News, they filed a public records act request to show the shotgun, which had never been seen publicly. In doing so, the photos would dispel the rumors by some conspiracy theorists that the gun had been melted down to hide evidence in an alleged cover up.

In the 22 years since Cobain's death, the Seattle Police Department have made public more than 100 pages of police reports and photos relating to Cobain's suicide file, but up until this point the gun had only been seen partially in a crime scene photo.

According to CBS News, in 2014, Ciesynski learned that there had been three rolls of film from the crime scene that had not been developed, so he decided to do so fearing the film could become damaged and potential evidence lost if he didn't. In 2014, the Seattle Police Department released Ciesynski's report after he recovered additional evidence and the detective stated, "The investigation on the death of Kurt Cobain, which was conducted 20 years ago, reached the correct conclusion that the manner of death was (suicide)."

See the photos from the Seattle Police Department below:

Seattle Police
Seattle Police

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