There have been people (including me) receiving scam calls lately since July. Those scam calls have been involving your social security number. When I had gotten that call the very first time I had missed it and heard the voicemail they left. The message was an automated recording saying they found suspicious activity with my social security number. Of course, I panicked after listening to the voicemail and got on the phone to call the local social security administration office. When I talked to an employee they had told me that there have been scam callers trying to get people's socials. After discovering this I knew NOT to answer their calls. Low and behold they manage to use different phone numbers with local area codes. One of the times I answered a call from them and instead of an automated recording, someone with an accent repeated what the automated message would say. Of course, I wanted to have some fun with the call so I let the person talk.

Strangest phone call I've ever received. To think that these A-Holes call our Elderly clients and they make them fall...

Posted by Daniela Cisneros on Wednesday, August 26, 2020

After they finished reading their typical script, I gave them the fake concern and came back with my own message. I asked for their name and their badge number which they repeated back again. I said okay let me just call my local social security main office while I have you on the phone. Of course, after saying that the person hung up the phone and I figured they would make a little note NOT to call my number again. Fast forward time, come to my surprise they had called me again with another new number. I answered and once I heard the same script I heard before I right away called them out and wasn't nice about it either. Thankfully, so far I haven't received another phone call since then. But you need to beware of those kinds of scammer calls. If you do feel worried don't hesitate to double-check but through a reliable and safe source like I did. A friend of mine shared what her friend also went through with the same scam I received which you can see above.

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