A man named Caleb Wallace who has been leading the anti-science, anti-mask, anti-social distancing movement in San Angelo, Texas now has….(drumroll)…a bad case of Covid.

This was reported on San Angelo Live in an article titled, “San Angelo Freedom Defender Fights for His Life Against COVID-19”.

This headline SEEMS to be dripping with sarcasm but, true to Poe’s Law which states “without a clear indication of the writer’s intent it is impossible to tell a parody from a sincere position”…I can’t tell if the sarcasm is intentional or not.

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I don’t throw the term “conspiracy guy” around lightly but it really seems to apply to the unfortunate Mr. Wallace. Here’s an interview he did in October of 2020. It’s 15 minutes but if you don’t feel like watching here’s a quick rundown of Wallace’s stated positions at that time:

  • “(A mask) is about as useful as a piece of paper”
  • “Liberals are using this as a tool to gain a foot-hold in our county”
  • “We’re getting socialist results now more than we ever could have under a Bernie Sanders administration”
  • “The science is clear” (and then goes on to say that Covid isn’t all that dangerous and it’s only a concern to “certain people”).

Wallace also makes a lot of references about “not remaining silent” and he is very careful not to SAY you need to get in the faces of and be a complete pain in the ass to people who tell you you’ve got to wear a mask in their store. But this is the kind of video he shares on his own Youtube channel:

YIKES! I don’t know if that’s Caleb Wallace in the video but he shared it with the title “County Tyrants Throw Citizen Out!” It’s clear that he was in favor of this kind of jack-assery.

I don’t know if this is still Caleb’s position, considering he’s got the ‘Rona now and is awaiting a bed with an EMCO breathing apparatus. Hopefully, it’s not. Hopefully he’ll recover. Hopefully he got the vaccine, though given everything else that seems unlikely.

There’s a Gofundme for Caleb’s family. According to his wife, Caleb is looking at 1-2 months of intubation and 6 months of hard rehab. No one should be happy or smug about this. If you felt that way, even for a second, your penance is to go over and throw $10 bucks the family’s way.

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