It's been two decades since one of the worst finales of all time aired. The finale episode of the breakthrough hit Roseanne aired May 20th, 1997. And holy crap was it bad. I used to watch Roseanne religiously when I was a kid, because it was the one show my parents allowed my sister and I to stay up to watch. But as the seasons went on, I watched it less and less, and I'm not sure I watched any of the final season until it hit syndication.

I also don't think I ever actually watched the series finale in full. I saw the part where she reveals that Dan actually died of a heart attack, but never saw the part where she explains that the whole show was complete BS. Somehow I missed that, and I kinda wish it had stayed that way. In reality, Becky was with David and Darlene was with Mark. Jackie was the one who was a lesbian. And many more differences from what we'd been watching for the almost 10 years.

In regards to the new show. It's going to be a single season with 8 episodes. The original cast will be back, including the second Becky, Sarah Chalke, playing a different role. And John Goodman will be back as Dan Conner. Roseanne did do a blog post back in 2009 where she said that Dan could have faked his death and would return if they were to reprise the show.

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