Day 1 with Ronson @ the KLAQ Balloonfest 2012!

Day 1 of the KLAQ Balloonfest was nothing short of kick-azz. It all started at 5am as I went out to the Balloon launch and decided it was time to deploy my air defense and shoot down a few enemy balloons. Damn them balloons are fast. I missed all my targets but I drove them out of the area.

I moved over to Wet and Wild Water world for a day of Babes, Beer, Bajack Daniels, BBQ and Bikini's.

When my mind and body where prepped, It was time for me to go live from the water park and get people the information they needed to get to the park and get ready to party.

I did get a chance to sit down and talk with the members of Buckcherry then get the oh so stupid photo op. They thanked me very much for taking time out of my busy day to take a photo with them and then sign a few autographs for them.

I had to work in the office today (Sunday, Day 2) But, I will be live again on Monday for the Balloonfest then live in the park with HELLYEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!