I won't be surprised if river tubing won't exist this year in the 915 due to Covid-19. But if anything we have something to look forward to and that would be summer 2021. You usually hear about river tubing in Austin, Texas which is over 500 miles away. Some El Pasoans were so anxious to try it that they traveled all the way to Austin. In fact, a friend of mine moved to Austin just for that particular outdoor activity.

See how they do it in Austin is you book your floating adventure and the following steps are a piece of cake. Before registering yourself they advise what type of items you need to bring along. You just need to show up with a couple of necessities which are drinks and sunscreen. Once you're ready you just go with the flow as you and your friends float down the river. As of last year Chato The Barber made river tubing a thing to do here in El Paso.

As you will see in the video above the area may look familiar and remind you of KLAQ's River Raft Race. Chato The Barber recorded his entire Rio Grande tubing mission with his friends. The groups traveled from along the Rio Grande from Vinton to Artcraft. From the looks of the video, it seems like he got a pretty decent crowd together last year. There are a couple of factors that haven't pushed me to try it just yet. Factor one is how dangerous the currents can be in the Rio Grande. Factor two is possible bacteria somehow getting into my system. If you live on the wild side then this is something you may want to try in the future in the 915.

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