Rise Against are back, as the familiar strains of Tim McIlrath's voice play out over the new lyric video for the band's latest single, 'I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore.' The song is featured on the group's upcoming album, 'The Black Market,' due in stores and online July 15.

As for the lyric video, the song's lyrics pop up across the screen over several photos of the band. But the backdrop is truly in the background as the focus is on the lyrical content of the song, which shows a relationship in disrepair.

McIlrath's angst-ridden voice strikes a chord as he belts, "See I don't think I can fight this anymore / I'm listening with one foot out the door / And something has to die to be reborn / I don't want to be here anymore."

The frontman recently stated that he felt that the band's new album was on the more introspective side, and that 'I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore' was a perfect example of that. Now that the full song has surfaced and the lyrics can be examined, there is little doubt that he's spot on in his assessment. The track is now available via iTunes.

Look for more album pre-order information and a tour announcement on the horizon.

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