Bad News: El Paso has a curfew of 10 pm

Good News: More time to watch scary movies!

This isn’t just a regular list of favorite horror movies. This is my personal list of horror movies that I think a lot of people (even horror fans) may not have seen. They’re not so obscure that you’ve never HEARD of them. They’re horror films that might have flown under the radar or bombed at the box office or got mediocre reviews at the time. Hopefully, there’ll be at least one scary movie that you haven’t seen but might enjoy as much as I did.

5.) Bone Tomahawk

Brandon “The Brandalorian” Coates recommended this one too me last year. It’s a western about a tribe of inbred, cannibalistic natives. Horror fans, think of “Wrong Turn” but with Indians instead of hillbillies. Kurt Russell stars and, if you like Tarantino films, he’s basically the same character as when he played The Hangman John Ruth in “The Hateful 8.”

This movie is suspenseful AND extremely gory…so, something for everyone!

Catch “Bone Tomahawk” on Amazon Prime.

4.) Hard Candy

This 2005 film is heavily on the “thriller” side of the horror spectrum as opposed to the “gore” side. It’s about the disturbing topic of online predators but…who is really the predator and who is really the prey? It only got so-so reviews when it came out but I compare it favorably to some of Hitchcock’s best work. Tense, suspenseful and surprising. Give it a shot.

On Peacock and Amazon Prime.

3.) Midsommar

I hesitated putting this one on the list, only because it just came out last year and it’s not ALL that obscure. It’s very creepy in an atmospheric way and, to me, so memorable I HAD to include it. It’s one of the few recent horror films that I found myself still thinking about days after watching it. In fact, I was so fascinated by it, I watched it back-to-back on consecutive nights. It’s from the same guy who did “Hereditary” and it has that kind of weird, uncanny vibe. Also, it’s got Chidi from “The Good Place” as one of the secondary characters.

Available on Amazon and Google Play.

2.) Frailty

This thriller from 2001 is about a deranged father who raises his sons to help him kill “demons” who masquerade in human form. The dad is played by the late Bill Paxton and Matthew McConaughey plays one of the sons as an adult. I know that saying, “there’s a plot twist” kind of gives away the plot twist. So I won’t say it.

Amazon Prime

1.) Skeleton Key

This 2005 film only has a 38% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so I’m really going against the grain here. Ever since “The Sixth Sense” I feel like many filmmakers, INCLUDING M. Night Shyamalan, have tried to match that movie’s surprise ending. I thought “Skeleton Key” came pretty close. Again, I am in the extreme minority on this but I really think it’s worth giving a try if you haven’t already seen it.

Currently on Starz and DirectTV

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