A new report released by WalletHub looked at the healthy real estate market in the country and wanted to see which cities were best to be a real estate agent in. 2019 has been great for home sales, with the biggest month-to-month rise happening in February, according to WalletHub. The website then decided to look and see what markets were best for real estate agents in more than 170 U.S. cities. They looked at key indicators of a healthy housing market including sales, wages, home prices and more.

According to their findings, the best city for real estate agents is Seattle, Washington with Salem, Oregon coming in second place and San Francisco, California coming in third. While these western state cities faired well, the news wasn't so good for the Sun City of El Paso. El Paso came in as the third worst cities for real estate agents, with the second lowest annual median wage for real estate agents. Here is what the report says, according to Wallet Hub:

Real-Estate Careers in El Paso (1=Best, 90=Avg.):

  • 162nd – Annual Median Wage for Real-Estate Agents
  • 122nd – Real-Estate Employment Attractiveness
  • 166th – Housing-Market Health Index
  • 152nd – Days on Market
  • 41st – Real-Estate Employment Growth
  • 88th – Avg. Ratio of Home Sale Price to Home List Price
  • 158th – Median Home Price

For the full report, head to the Wallet Hub website.

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