As you cruise through the Internet, sometimes things resurface that you had completely forgotten about. That happened to me last night as I was goofing around on Reddit. I was over on the El Paso subreddit and someone had posted the video of the show that Judge Bonnie Rangel had pitched. It is cringe worthy, but so fun to watch.

Wasn't that great?! This made the rounds back in 2017, but apparently the video is much older than that. When it popped back up in the Internet cycle again, Judge Rangel responded with:

"I really don’t remember when it was created. It was years ago," Rangel told the El Paso Times. "It basically was just a retirement idea. A possible option for when I retired. I am not retiring yet, but it was just a retirement idea. I am not going to be there forever."

Luis Ruiz claims that he produced the video, and he says it's not as old as you might think when you hear it was made "years ago."

"I agree with Judge Rangel that she is coming from a good place with the video, her career and the effort to get a TV show,” Ruiz said. “I didn’t agree with everything she wanted in the video. I advocated going in a different direction, but she felt strongly about it and wanted to get a show, so I went along with what she wanted. She is a good person and judge. No doubt, she always has the best interest for the community first and foremost."

I don't know Judge Rangel. She's probably a delightful woman with very good intentions. But man, that video is rough.

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