Since the word about the Covid-19 vaccine spread people brought out their skeletons from the closet. But seeing all the El Paso memes involving the vaccine had me reflecting about a time in my life and a familiar hotspot back in the day. The memes I have seen about not having to worry about what’s in the vaccine if you’ve been to the Dirty Derbs in Juarez. Which all of us shouldn’t be worried about that vaccine when we’ve once done some questionable things in the past.

I thought I would cue in some music above that would always play at Players. So, seeing all the memes going around got me thinking of a place that was like a twin version of Derby in El Paso. Well, Players Lounge off Dyer and Van Buren was a similar version of Derby except it isn’t in Juarez. Players Lounge always drew in a huge crowd every Friday and Saturday night.

Player’s Lounge was popular with the military crowd and always filled with soldiers. The bar had your back during the times your budget was tight. Thanks to that place you could enjoy some drinks out with friends. Players Lounge's popular specials were $0.25 shots and $2 you call it.

That place always was our first go-to spot for a warm-up drink before getting our night started. If you’ve ever been to Players Lounge then you know everything about it reminded you of Derby. From the lit crowd, drink specials, and sticky floors I was once comfortable around is why I don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine. But years ago Player’s Billiard Parlor (aka Player’s Lounge) was shut down for good. The people who shared a love for hip hop music and cheap drinks shared some good times there. Me, my friends, and some of the military population were bummed to hear the news. Now what once was a bar is now a tattoo shop. If you remember Player’s Lounge, share if you ever visited when it was open in the poll below.

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