California reggae rockers Rebellion are finally coming to the Sun City! Find out when tickets go on sale and how you can win some early!

There must be something in the water around University of California, Santa Barbara because the school and the communities in the area have produced a few of my favorite reggae bands out there. Iration came to El Paso a couple years ago along with Pepper but I felt that one band was missing. If this one band was included on the bill, my dream reggae concert would be complete.

It may be a couple years later, but Rebelution is finally coming to El Paso.

Rebellion formed back in 2004 and gained momentum with their 2007 release, "Courage To Grow," and their follow-up 2009's "Bright Side of Life." The band is known for their "crafty melodies, socially conscious lyrics, and savvy musicianship."

Rebelution will be performing in El Paso Thursday, February 2nd. Tickets for this show go on sale this Thursday at 11 a.m. Tickets are $22.50 and are available through Ticketfly. Find out more details on this concert at the Facebook Event Page.