A few weeks back, California’s reigning kings of pop rock released a head-spinning music video for their new single ‘Look Around.’ Now there is an interactive version of the clip that lets you do exactly what the song title suggest.

Red Hot Chili Peppers latest single from ‘I’m With You’ exemplifies what the future Rock and Roll Hall of Famers — they’ll be inducted this year — do better than anyone else, which is create funky, disco-tinged dance rock. It’s only fitting that the video reflects that same bouncy and playful approach, similar to the spirit of the clip for ‘Give It Away.’

The initially released music video for ‘Look Around’ featured the band members in four different rooms — which they decorated themselves — jamming out to the song while the camera rotated to catch the action in each. The Robert Hales directed video was shot in single takes and now with the interactive version, you can see what was going on in each room at any point during the shoot. You can also unlock bonus content by clicking items that are highlighted after activating the “Show Hints” feature.

While the band’s three core members jump, dance, drum, and sing-along, new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer’s spends more than half of the video sitting almost motionless in a room with bare walls. It would appear that he’s sliding into the role of “reclusive guitar guy” left vacant by John Frusciante quite nicely.

Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Kiedis is currently recovering from emergency foot surgery, a mishap that caused the band to push back some of their North American tour dates as much as eight months. Kiedis is expected to make a full recovery and the postponed tour will begin March 29 in Tampa, Fla. — click here for complete tour details.

Watch the Interactive Video for Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Look Around’