Traveling the world provides you many opportunities, and while the schedule may be busy, it's often good to get out and enjoy the surroundings. During Red Hot Chili Peppers recent tour of Europe, drummer Chad Smith has been doing exactly that, while also keeping his skills sharp playing along with some street performers.

Two new clips have surfaced courtesy of RCHP Fans Uruguay in which Smith is seen drumming with performers on the streets of London. The performances took place on Monday (June 27), with Smith joining a flamenco guitar player for a percussive jam in the video above, while he uses a single snare to drum up some attention alongside a performer who's visually defying gravity. That clip can be seen below, and Smith has a good sense of humor about his surroundings even simultaneously giving a thumbs up with the performer all while keeping the beat.

London may not have been the only place where Smith took to the streets as the musician posted another photo of himself in different clothing with a drum setup on the streets surrounded by pigeons. The location of the photo is not known, but you can see it below.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently touring Europe in support of their newly released album, The Getaway. The disc topped the chart in several countries, but claimed the No. 2 position on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. Look for the band playing these shows.

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